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Manitowoc Ice Machine Services

Commercial Refrigeration Repair Services

Ice machines offer guests the opportunity to enjoy a cold refreshing beverage. Whether you need an ice machine installed, maintained, or repaired, you can rely on Alltemp Air to get the job done fast and right the first time. Call 302-945-5734 to speak with one of our experienced technicians today.


Purchasing bags of ice is expensive and time-consuming. Installing an ice machine can save your small restaurant or bar a lot of time and money.

We install Manitowoc ice machines in a variety of sizes to fit the needs of your business. Hotels and restaurants often have large ice machines that continually create ice to serve customers and clients all day and night.

However, your small business may not need a large ice machine. That’s why we also carry small commercial ice machines for bars, small restaurants or cafes to serve ice cold drinks to their guests without the extra cost or space.

Choose from a variety of Manitowoc ice machine types or “ice shapes” that fit your needs. We install everything from full-cube ice machines to flake ice machines. Ask about our Manitowoc specialty ice machines too.

Call Alltemp Air at 302-945-5734 to speak with an expert about your ice needs for small or large businesses.

Types of Ice Machines:

  • Full-Cube Ice Machine – Also known as “Full-dice ice,” these cubs are shaped as a 7/8 inch cube. The cub melts slowly to keep beverage cooler for longer periods of time. Full-cube commercial ice makers come in stand-alone, under-counter, and ice-machine-bin combo units.
  • Half-Cube Ice Machine – Our half-cube or half-dice ice is around 3/8 inch by 7/8 inch. This is our most common ice unit. These ice cubes can be packed tightly into a glass to displace more liquid and increase your profits. Half-cube commercial ice makers come in stand-alone, under-counter, and ice-machine-bin combo units.
  • Nugget Ice Machine – Nugget-shaped ice works well for blended cocktails, soft drinks, smoothies and health care settings. Nugget commercial ice makers come in stand-alone, under-counter, ice-machine-bin combo units, and dispenser units.
  • Flake Ice Machine – Tiny chips of flaked ice are ideal for blended cocktails, salad bars, produce/meat/seafood displays, and ice wraps for therapeutic uses. Flake commercial ice makers come in stand-alone, under-counter, ice-machine-bin combo units, and dispenser units.
  • Specialty Ice Machine – Some business owners choose specialty commercial ice makers that create crescent- and octagonal-shaped ice. Crescent ice displaces more liquid than half cubes, further increasing profits. Specialty commercial ice machine are available as under-counter or combo machine/dispenser units.


When your Manitowoc ice machine stops working, it can put your business is a very difficult position. Don’t resort to buying bags of ice for days or even weeks while you wait for a repair service to come out. Call Alltemp Air for fast and professional repair service on your ice machine.

When you purchase one of our quality Manitowoc ice machines and have it installed by one of our certified professionals, you expect it to work dependably. However, no mechanical system is ever perfect. If you run into problems, give us a call!

Signs Your Ice Machine Needs Repair:

  • Ice is dirty looking
  • The ice machine is slow to make new ice
  • The ice machine isn’t staying cold
  • The ice machine is leaking

Our professional technicians will examine your ice machine and make the necessary repairs to get your ice machine up and running as fast as possible (and KEEP it running!) Call Alltemp Air at 302-945-5734 to schedule repairs on your ice machine ASAP.


To avoid costly repairs, schedule regular ice machine maintenance. With regular maintenance, we can predict when your equipment will need repairs giving you a chance to predict machine downtime and save for costly repairs.

Call Alltemp Air to schedule your ice machine maintenance today. We will examine all of the components of ice machine looking for potential repairs, cleaning your filtration system, and performing other maintenance tasks.

Your Manitowoc ice machine needs to have its filtration system cleaned regularly to continue producing clean, safe ice. You should also have your supply lines checked regularly for any blockages or damage.

We service all Manitowoc ice machines. Speak with one of our service experts about scheduling regular maintenance on your commercial refrigeration machines today. Call 302-945-5734.


For fast and professional service, call the best ice machine service in Southern Delaware. Call Alltemp Air at 302-945-5734 today or contact us online for a free quote.

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