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When you are looking for the best Heating and Cooling services, trust Alltemp Air Inc. We have the best technicians in Milton, Delaware.

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Heating Services

Heating Services in Milton, DE

Having a functioning and reliable heating system for your home or business is vital in the winter time. Without it, you could be facing a long uncomfortable winter. For the best heating services in Milton, DE, turn to Alltemp Air for heat pump installation, repair, and maintenance services.

Heat Pump Repair

Regular usage will cause wear and tear on your heat pump. This will lead to necessary repairs over time. Be sure to schedule repair right away to avoid the dangerous consequences of a failed heat pump.
We will inspect and repair any problems you notice with your system. Your heating system is repaired by licensed and trained technicians every time. If you notice problems such as strange noises or odors, leaking fluids, uneven heating, or a sudden increase in energy costs, your heat pump may need repairs ASAP. Call right away to schedule an appointment.

Heat Pump Maintenance

To avoid costly repairs, have your heat pump serviced regularly with our annual maintenance contracts. With regular maintenance, our technicians will check for wear and tear and fix any emerging problems. They will also warn you about any upcoming repairs that your unit may need. This gives you the chance to prepare and save for this cost.
Failing to maintain your heat pump regularly may void your warranty leaving you open to paying high costs for repairs that would have been covered. Extend the life of your heat pump with regular maintenance in Milton, DE.

Gas Furnace Maintenance

Gas furnaces are effective heating systems for homes and businesses. However, they come with serious risks. Be sure to have your gas furnace serviced annually.
Why do you have to have a gas furnace regularly maintained and serviced? Because an improperly maintained gas furnace can lead to carbon dioxide or natural gas leaks. Get your gas furnace inspected and serviced today in 19968 zip code! Call 302-945-5734 ASAP.
Ductless Heating & Cooling

Cooling Services in Milton, DE

Summers get hot in Milton. You need quality air conditioning to keep your home or business cool and inviting. Whether you are renovating an old building or building a new one, you can rely on Alltemp Air to install the right air conditioning unit in your space.

HVAC Air Conditioning Repair

Are you having trouble with your air conditioning system? Alltemp Air will help get the cool air flowing fast. Your satisfaction is our #1 concern. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your air conditioning system is repaired by licensed and trained technicians.

HVAC Air Conditioning Maintenance

Our regular service will look for signs of damage, prevent the effects of regular wear and tear, and keep your AC unit tuned to perfection. No matter what brand your air conditioning unit is, we can help maintain it for years to come.
When the time does come for a new air conditioning system, we will give you plenty of notice and help you select the right system for your home or business.

Ductless Heating & Cooling

If you are looking to add air conditioning to your home or business, ductless heating and cooling might be the right solution for you. Ductless or split systems provide low-cost customizable comfort to your home without any major repairs or installation costs.
You can rely on Alltemp Air for Dustless heating and cooling for quiet and powerful heating and cooling in your home or business. Call 302-945-5734 now to discuss Fujitsu General Ductless heating and cooling options.
Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial Refrigeration Services in Milton, DE

Whether you run a restaurant or a school, you know how important it is to have a well maintained and working commercial refrigerator and freezer. Call the experts when you need commercial refrigeration services in Milton, DE.

Commercial Refrigerator Maintenance & Repair

When your commercial refrigerator, walk-in, or freezer breaks, you could lose customers, products, and sales. Some repair services can take days or even weeks to get out to repair a broken freezer. You don’t have that kind of time.
Get fast and professional repairs when you need them with Alltemp Air. To help prevent costly and unexpected repairs, be sure to schedule regular maintenance on your commercial refrigerators and freezers in Milton, DE.

Ice Machine Installation & Maintenance

Ice machines offer guests the opportunity to enjoy a cold refreshing beverage. Whether you need an ice machine installed, maintained, or repaired, you can rely on Alltemp Air to get the job done fast and right the first time. Call 302-945-5734 to speak with one of our experienced technicians today.
Signs Your Ice Machine Needs Repair:

  • Ice is dirty looking
  • The ice machine is slow to make new ice
  • A puddle of leaking water or fluid under the ice machine
  • The ice machine isn’t staying cold

Our professional technicians will examine your ice machine and make the necessary repairs to get your ice machine up and running as fast as possible (and KEEP it running!) Call Alltemp Air at 302-945-5734 to schedule repairs on your ice machine ASAP.
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